Congratulations Soke Ray Parker 9th Dan.

On Celebrating 50 Years of B.M.A.K.B. Blackburn Martial Arts & Kickboxing Club.

Classes resume as from today, 02.06.2021, Contact us for details.

Koryu Bushido: The way of the Samurai old school.

As taught by Sensei Ray Parker Soke 1970.

An Introduction to Koryu Bushido.

The study of Bushido is a vast subject and there are many people out there far more qualified than me that can explain the finer details of it’s history and many paths, Koryu Bushido is my own interpretation of the way of the Samurai Warrior, culminating from my own path of the study of the Japanese Martial arts over the past 52 years, It has taken me on many journeys in many forms in many countries with many great masters, It is with 3 of the 7 virtues of the samurai code, Respect, Honesty & Honour that I pass on this knowledge, I can only wish you accept it with the same 3.

Welcome to the secrets of the Samurai. Yours in Bushido, Sensei Ray Parker. Soke 1970

Mind, Body & Spirit…. Respect, Honesty & Honour